Tail Recursion in Scala

Since the time I started programming using Scala, I’ve vehemently tried to adopt the paradigms of functional programming as much as possible. Recently I had to work on a recursive piece of code and my architect suggested me to use…

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Tuning Kafka for Consistency

Having worked with Kafka for almost a year and half , I wanted to share my thoughts on Kafka’s consistency guarantees and how to achieve them. I will be skipping over the details of basic configurations and suggestions like having…

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Synchronizing Multi Threaded code based on Object Value.

On my most recent coding escapades, I had to design & implement a webserver capable of handling a staggering number of requests concurrently. Now, I could have gone with an abstracted high level multi-threading framework like Akka or Vert.x but…

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MultiThreading in Applications .. featuring JDBC

Nearly all the developers who’ve dealt with database operations have at least once faced the the scenario where their code is essentially waiting for SQL queries to finish, which results in bit of a slowdown around these parts. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)…

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Demystifying Yarn – Parallelism in Hadoop2

With the introduction of YARN in Hadoop2, the resource scheduling engine got a massive overhaul. Gone are the days of the older slot based system for MapReduce framework, which was removed and replaced with a container based system. Intended to…

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Making Data Clustering 768x times faster !!

From 64 hours to 300 seconds !!!That’s the sort of runtime improvement I was able to achieve by using Arrays as the primary data structure & reducing the time complexity from n3mC1  to n*m in a clustering algorithm I improved. Now this…

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